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We assume the attack is already here


TIME as a Weapon

We use real data to create AI Decoys that create the time you need to react to bad actors already in your network.

TNi Guardtower overview.png

The TNi Sentinel

Always on watch, AI Sentinel Decoys are ghost networks seeking detectible behavior, providing alerts, and AI-based countermeasures.


AI Decoys learn about the network, user behavior, and layers on various AI active tools to enhance break detection.

Each Guardtower unit uses AI to monitor, analyze, and deploy AI Sentinels that seek out and engage any bad actor.

Air-gapped or Clustered, the TNi AI Decoy enhances data protection.


TNi uses digital twins to distract and create countermeasures as ghost networks. This involves creating a digital replica of your network infrastructure and monitoring it for anomalies, potential threats, and vulnerabilities. This helps to detect and respond to malicious activities before they reach your data. 

TNi Sentinel AI Decoys integrates real-time data from your network into our Ai Decoys. This data includes all network traffic logs, access logs, firewall logs, and other relevant information. Continuously synchronize the digital twin with your live network data to ensure it accurately reflects the current state of your network.

TNi uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze data from Sentinel AI Decoy. The system looks for unusual or unexpected patterns of network traffic or behavior and can provide automated counterstrike capabilities based on client needs. Hackers don't sleep, and neither do our Sentinels.


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