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Aerial Photo of a City
Aerial Photo of a City

Intelligent City Infrastructure

Industrial Edge Solutions

Hybrid Connectivity

TN delivers wired and wireless connectivity networks designed to exceed user requirements. To that end, we've integrated the use of Private LTE and 5G with our enterprise Wi-Fi to deliver flexible yet feature-rich data networks. Rural and industrial require our UHF wireless for non-line of sight capabilities.

We focus on delivering connectivity to every community, everywhere. 

Intelligent Infrastructure

TN considers that intelligent infrastructure isn't just wired or wireless technology, but all means of communicating data (IoT, M2M, etc.) as well as how that technology can be deployed.  TN's networks reduce costs, deployment permitting, training, and ongoing support.  

We consider off-grid, new mounting, unique antenna designs, and a host of other items resulting in better sustainability.

Distributed - Edge Compute

TN's data-focused networks begin at the edge where our distributed edge computing solution keeps data readily available for localized use resulting in better performance and lower network operating costs with fewer data packets having to travel to central data centers before being redistributed.

We bring your content close to you for better efficiency and cost.



Deploying sustainable solutions for on/off-grid communication while being flexible to city design needs


TNi solutions enable smarter cities.



We deploy globally, listen locally, and enable everyone.


Wireless Technology

802.11 Wi-Fi Technology

Private LTE/5G Technology

Citizen Broadband Radio Spectrum

TV Whitespace

Wired Technology

Ethernet Technology


Edge Computing

Guardtower Sentinel System


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