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Apartment Building

Owner-Hosted Broadband

Community and Multi-tenant Facilities

Community Broadband

Tradewinds Networks (TN) redefines the meaning of access for all.  TN deploys wireless networks designed to solve last-mile connectivity issues. We work with communities to fund and deploy networks, local workforce development, and ongoing revenue sharing.

MDU/Apartment Broadband

TN designed network technologies specific for multi-tenant facilities. TN's united service provider networks consolidate management, security, RF controls, and user access, allowing better network control while reducing support and infrastructure costs.

Multi-tenant Office Space

TN designs multi-use office spaces with wired and wireless connectivity and next-generation security features deployed across a facility or as a specific service based on individual client requirements and budgets.  TN makes your network a value, not a cost.

Abstract Sphere

We deploy data-driven networks to create value for facility owners, building management, and tenants. 


Working with clients and partners to deliver connectivity

everyone, everywhere, and every community

Office Building Hall


Tenant Connectivity

Enterprise Ethernet switches deliver PoE+ and up to 1G of broadband to each unit across a multi-10G backbone network.

Enhanced Data Protection

TNi Guardtower can be deployed to secure both future and legacy network infrastructures featuring a unique analog-digital converter.

Facility Broadband

TN Gateways and Next-generation Firewalls drive performance broadband, network visibility, security, and segmentation.

Network Monetization

As a most critical resource, user Data can be monetized to drive additional revenue streams, making a network revenue-generating.

Shared Wi-Fi Networks

The common area indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 performance features Captive Portal and security over an premise control system. 

Facility & Project Services

TNi partners deliver an end-to-end solution from concept, design, cabling, installation, and ongoing facility management.


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