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OHB - Community Networks

Bridging the digital divide with TNi — the gap between those with access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and those without — is a multifaceted challenge requiring a comprehensive approach involving governments, private sector entities, non-profit organizations, and communities.

Here are some strategies we use to help bridge the digital divide and work with your community:

  • Expand and improve broadband infrastructure including deploying high-speed internet networks, such as fixed wireless, to ensure reliable and affordable connectivity for all communities.

  • Implement affordability programs and work with local entities to make internet access more affordable for low-income individuals and families.

  • Offer digital literacy programs and training initiatives via partners like RowdyOrb (Baltimore) to help individuals develop the skills needed to effectively use ICTs.


​By adopting a holistic approach that addresses the multiple dimensions of the digital divide, stakeholders can work together to create a more inclusive and equitable digital society where everyone has access to the opportunities and benefits offered by the digital world.

TNGF NextGen-Firewall_edited.jpg

Next Generation Firewall

TNi's Next-gen Firewalls focus on security, access, and network monitoring with packet inspection, device tracking, and SASE on a platform supporting copper and fiber.


Private Fixed Wireless

Built on the latest wireless technologies, TNi delivers both private CBRS and 5G to small communities all over the world.  We make these private networks sustainable.


Smat City Infrastructure

TNi's hybrid networks include basic infrastructure for solar, backup, and on/off-grid capabilities that enable intelligent nodes deployed around a community to expand connectivity and service options.

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