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New-build housing

Owner Hosted Broadband

Helping control your broadband experience

TNi OHB facility connectivity solutions help owners understand if it's better for a building to own its broadband infrastructure based on various factors, including the size of the building, the specific needs of its occupants, budget considerations, and future growth plans. 

Owning the broadband infrastructure gives the building management or owner more control over the network, including quality of service, security measures, and customization options tailored to the occupants' needs.

  • Owning the broadband infrastructure provides flexibility to adapt the network to changing needs.

  • Owning the broadband infrastructure allows building owners to promptly ensure quality service and address connectivity issues, potentially increasing tenant satisfaction and retention.

  • Owners can explore revenue opportunities by offering broadband services to tenants or leasing excess capacity to third-party providers.

  • Owners can be ready for any emerging technology trends in broadband and networking.

Edge to core network connectivity


Enterprise Ethernet Switching

8, 24, and 48 port managed Ethernet switches with multiple 10G SFP+ fiber aggregation, PoE+ with high power budgeting, and a hybrid management system.

TNG Gateway-Firewall_edited.jpg

TNG Gateways

TNi's advanced gateways offer content filtering, security, packet inspection, routing, and advanced monitoring to ensure tenant performance.


Wi-Fi 6 SMB Platforms

Advanced Wi-Fi 6 performance for both indoor unit and common areas supported by security, network segmentation, Captive Portal, and data optimization.

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